1 Week - Just Born
2 Weeks - Feeding Time
2 Weeks - Anuschka's Liter
2 Weeks - 3 Male Rottweilers
4 Weeks - Half Way There
5 Weeks - Time To Choose
8 Weeks - Going Home
11 Weeks - Settling in
6 Months - Gettin Big
10 Months - Huge
4 Years - Still Young
5 Years - Lookin Good
Most friendly and loving dog you could ever meet!
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6 Months - Gettin Big

70 lbs.!!!

The last six months have just flown by. Buddy and Dante are the best of friends. Dante has grown in leaps and bounds from 10 lbs. when we brought him home to his current 70 lbs. When Buddy wants to get somewhere and Dante is in his way, Buddy just goes under Dante. Dante looked at wonder at the sight of his first snow flurries and we can't wait to see him enjoy his first real snow!

WOW, looking back you can really see how awkward Dante looked (with respect to body proportion).