1 Week - Just Born
2 Weeks - Feeding Time
2 Weeks - Anuschka's Liter
2 Weeks - 3 Male Rottweilers
4 Weeks - Half Way There
5 Weeks - Time To Choose
8 Weeks - Going Home
11 Weeks - Settling in
6 Months - Gettin Big
10 Months - Huge
4 Years - Still Young
5 Years - Lookin Good
Most friendly and loving dog you could ever meet!
Anuschka and Boris
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5 Weeks - Time To Choose

Time to pick him out!

I'd say the hardest thing about getting a new Rottweiler is picking him out!! You just want to take them all, but since there were only 3 males to pick from in the liter, we just took the one the breeder said looked the best. They all look the same to me??

Dante was the first of the liter to be picked out. He's the guy above with the green collar on, and you can see he wasn't feeling too special with it on, he kept trying to kick it off.