1 Week - Just Born
2 Weeks - Feeding Time
2 Weeks - Anuschka's Liter
2 Weeks - 3 Male Rottweilers
4 Weeks - Half Way There
5 Weeks - Time To Choose
8 Weeks - Going Home
11 Weeks - Settling in
6 Months - Gettin Big
10 Months - Huge
4 Years - Still Young
5 Years - Lookin Good
Most friendly and loving dog you could ever meet!
Anuschka and Boris
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8 Weeks - Going Home

Time to take him home!

These pictures are from when we had just taken him home from the breeder in Elgin. He's about 2 months old [8 weeks], and he's full of energy. Dante and Buddy are almost inseparable now, Buddy always wants to be by him; although Dante doesn't realize how big Buddy is, he still thinks he's playing with his brothers and sisters at home. He bite's Buddy's tail all the time, it's like he's never seen one before!. So we know what he's been up to when you find a little bit of Buddy's hair in his mouth...

8 Weeks

running rott