1 Week - Just Born
2 Weeks - Feeding Time
2 Weeks - Anuschka's Liter
2 Weeks - 3 Male Rottweilers
4 Weeks - Half Way There
5 Weeks - Time To Choose
8 Weeks - Going Home
11 Weeks - Settling in
6 Months - Gettin Big
10 Months - Huge
4 Years - Still Young
5 Years - Lookin Good
Most friendly and loving dog you could ever meet!
Anuschka and Boris
AKC Certification
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Baby Rottweiler Pictures

2 Weeks - 3 Male Rottweilers

2 Males

I don't think the guy on the left liked the like the camera!

Pick of the Liter

This Rottweiler above shows the most even color in the face, and is probably going to be the pick of the liter, but since he had no collar on there's no way of telling if he was the one we picked out.