1 Week - Just Born
2 Weeks - Feeding Time
2 Weeks - Anuschka's Liter
2 Weeks - 3 Male Rottweilers
4 Weeks - Half Way There
5 Weeks - Time To Choose
8 Weeks - Going Home
11 Weeks - Settling in
6 Months - Gettin Big
10 Months - Huge
4 Years - Still Young
5 Years - Lookin Good
Most friendly and loving dog you could ever meet!
Anuschka and Boris
AKC Certification
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4 Weeks - Half Way There

4 more weeks till we go home!!

Puppies at 4 Weeks

When they start to get older, they try to eat solid food, but their teeth aren't fully developed, so the breeder mixes in some water to make it easier to eat. This is about the time that they become more active and they start to play with each other. This is also the time when their personalities start to show through from one another.